Club Uniform

The new Sydney Pacific Athletic Club uniform was introduced in the 2012-13 season.

The Club uniform will be worn at all Athletics NSW and equivalent competitions and championships.

The Club singlet or crop top are mandatory items of uniform with registration numbers clearly displayed on both front / back in competitions.

Plain black (no logos/stripes) shorts, bikepants or briefs can be worn.

The uniforms can be purchased from the Club's Uniform Officer:

Johan Eksteen

Uniforms can also be available by request from a Committee Member attending the Interclub competitions, the NSW State Relay Championships and the NSW State Championships. At all these events, please look for the Club Banner (Bay 11 when at SOPAC).


Singlet       $50

Crop Top    $50


Information up-to-date at  25 November 2020


Image: The Club Singlet