Club Records

Please click / tap club records for all up-to-date Sydney Pacific Athletic Club Records.

An Athlete at the time of establishing a new Club Record will be a member of the Sydney Pacific Athletic Club.

The Club Results & Records Officer ensures that all Club Records are kept up to date by monitoring the results from Competitions and Championships.

If an Athlete considers that he/she has broken a Club Record then the athlete should contact the Club Results & Records Officer with the relevant information.

If Athletes, Coaches and Officials consider that a new category of record should be created, please contact the Club Results & Records Officer.

The following Competitions and Championships and their associated events will be considered relevant for establishing/breaking Sydney Pacific Athletic Club Records:

IAAF sanctioned
Athletics Australia sanctioned
Athletics NSW (or equivalent other states) sanctioned
NSW All Schools and Australian All Schools Championships.

The Club Records were udpated on 24 April 2021